Petromax 826 in action

  • Finnmax,
    Really a sweet lantern. Really does give one a great feeling to have such a nice Vintage lantern that still gives excellant lighting. Superb lantern. But what else could you expect from a Petromax.

  • Great! :done:

    I know this feeling verry well, having a PX with you on a camping-trip.
    Everybody watches sorrowed or strangely touched this mystical light-machine...especially while Rapid-start... - until it starts to shine, than everybody is impressed and watching stunned... and then you tell them "This one was produced last month, and that one is from the 1930'ies..." :naughty:

    And within 5 minutes two or three pals will ask...."where to buy and how much?":D

    Best regards, Björn

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    Original von Finnmax
    Last weekend I took my 1930's 826 for a camping trip.


    Hello Finnmax,

    it looks like a 821!

    Best regards

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  • Hallo Finnmax,

    nice action fotos :foto: from your Px, congratulations.
    :done: :done: :done:



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