Loss of pression ?

  • Another basic question, sorry guys...

    With the tank approximately 2/3 full, starting with 2 bars I'm at 0 in only 10 minutes, is that normal ? Am I supposed to pump every 10 minutes ?

    As I understand it, it is better to use the lamp with very few kerosene if you don't want to pump all night, is that correct ?

    Thks, later...


    Ps: BTW, how do you know how much kerosene is left in the tank ?

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    Ps: BTW, how do you know how much kerosene is left in the tank ?

    Hi Anthony
    when the light swithes off the tank is empty! Always remember that!

    Did you check your lamp with air in the tank under water?

  • Hello,

    When I put pressure in the lamp, without lighting it, it's empty in 1/2 hour :(

    I have done what you suggested and here's what I found out...

    When the lamp was underwater, there were some bubbles coming out of the pump. However, I think it may simply be that some air was going in the first part of the pump, not in the tank itself...

    When the lamp was out of the water, it made a hissing noise. I tried to find where it was coming from and it was... the preheater ! There were also some soap bubble coming out from there.

    I think that the preheater does not close tightly... What can I do ?? Do I have to replace it entirely ?

    Thanks for your help !


  • Hi Anthony,
    if the preheater is leaking at the rubber gasket it could be possible to turn the rubber part. Loose the screw and and take the rubber part carefully out. Turn it and press it into the brass item. I have done this often, in 90% it works.
    After a long time the rubber part is defomed and closes not as it should. If the deformed side is to big, it will not fit in the brass part, you can cut of a little from the diameter till it fits. Maybe you have to use pliers to press the rubber part in the brass item.

  • It worked, thanks a lot Jan !!! :applaudit:

    For the first time yesterday, I could really use my Petromax... 2 hours perfect light without having to pump after ignition :)

    I don't regret to have ordered the spare part though, because I have seen that one side of the rubber part is completely burnt and the metalic part is also damaged...

    Thanks again,