• Hello and happy new year, i see some were good boys and got what they wanted for xmas, :nikolaus: the Hasag Presto 142 P i posted here a little while back with the thread question, it runs great but the problem i hope someone can help with is it runs fine if the tank is full but if around half full it goes dull to bright like it is running out of fuel, what do you think is the problem, enjoy the new year, Frank. ;(

  • Yes, the suggestion of Klaus may be the most certain possibility.

    It often happens when fuel was in the tank for several years and started to cristallize.
    Those cristals do expand and break the rizerpipes.

    A bit of cleaning and soldering should help.
    Good luck, Björn :done:

  • Hi Klaus and Bjorn, thanks for your input i will strip it all down again and see if that is the problem, it makes sense that there has to be some problem with the fuel pickup, i felt in the tank with a thin screw driver and the pickup reaches to the bottom almost so it should pick up the fuel to near empty if it is in good condition, let you know the outcome, thanks guys, frank.