• Hi All

    Anyone got any idea where I could buy a Hipolito ...Proving hard to find!!. Interested in all makes.


    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Hi luminator

    Thank you...Did not find any yet because I got distracted buy a 1981 coleman 220k in excellent condition..still new in box never lit.

    Bought some other lanterns also!...Im in big trouble when they all arrive the same week in the post...have to hide them from the Mrs :motz:

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Hi ^^

    Next week they all arrive 8o ...could be my last post without some level of concussion :frau:

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • :D I has 3 Hipolito. 1 with damaged chrome. the other one is in the better was entitled and one matt nickel plated.

  • ;( I want one!!

    It is in excellent condition...well done :) ..Is it for sale 8o

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Hi Fox,

    there does exist also a mattened nicle-plated Hipolito-version in 500cp from the dutch Army (got one)

    My suggestion: Watch out for Hipolitos on Ebay-portugal, as it is there were they were produced once. :thumbup:

    Good Luck, Björn

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  • Hi Bojrn

    Thanks for the tip...never thought of that! :rolleyes:

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Hello I am new to this Forum. I am Portuguese, and from the city where Hipolito were made Torres Vedras ;)
    I m finding somo Hipolito s around here, but almost all of them in bad shape.