Leaking Little Wizard

  • I have bought an old Dietz Little Wizard lamp over eBay. Blue
    with red glass.

    But the lamp had som "minor" damages - a half-glass crack, a stuck
    burner gauge, it's "tilted" (i guess it has got a hit...), the wick was
    finished. And for the last but worst: the tank is leaking! :motz:

    I have fixed the burner control by WD40 (5-56 spray), replaced the
    wick with a slightly smaller.

    Yesterday I tried to repair the leak by using "Elast-o-rub", some kind
    of silicone - with a great failure. Paraffin + silicone/elastorub is like
    water and soap here...

    And another thing for the record: never put masking tape on an old
    painted lamp - the color gets off. :traurig: Now the bottom of the
    tank looks more damaged than before. :muede:

    So what should I repair the tank with? I have heard of epoxy, and
    I have also been thinking of electro-soldering.

    It's leaking in the bottom, in the border between the bottom plate
    and the container, not a small crack, but a fire problem.

    Lamp has soooooo nice colour when it's lighted up... (bad me,
    tested even if it leaked, he he he... :)

  • I have not used a torch before in my life. :applaudit:

    I guess I must fill the tank with water first to ensure that no fuel
    is left in it if I try to solder.

    Problem is I have no torch, just a soldering pen.


    I try super glue first, to see if that helps. Usually this
    glue melts together fingers and destroy kitchen sinks here, so
    why not some mm-small holes in a lantern can... :D Looks
    good for now.

  • With a pen it will be hard - i tried one time, with no result worth talkin bout.
    I tried to fix in a whole new tank-bottom in first by soldering, in second with epoxy. With epoxy i got a pleasing result, no more leaking holes!

    I would try epoxy if it is not a rare historical lamp :done:

    Best regards, Björn

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    Sam Colt made them equal!

  • Thanks for the reply, I was just going to use the soldering pen,
    when I thought that it was to overdo it... so went on with the super
    glue as above.

    Just hoping that the glue does react with paraffin/kerosene like
    the silicone did.