NOS Coleman 237 :)

  • Well done again Fox another very beautifull addition to your superb collection,a very rare find unfired and complete,

    I say this time and time again i love these style lanterns, with there enammeled hoods and barrel/convex globes are in a class of there own,it realy shows the quality and style of the period these lanterns were made in

  • Hi Brian

    Thank you...I think its my favorite so far and as you said to pick them up NOS and complete is very rare..have seen these make nearly $500 on the bay 8o ...i found another NOS 237 last night...lantern and box are excellent with spanner...instruction are in poor condition and no meths can but hopefully I can pick one up.. I have the 237A also which is NOS with box and paper but no wrench or can...i better stop now I think :frau: :frau: :rofl: