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    Can you tell me what you see or share a picture? Because for some reason I cant find any number on that lamp. On the other lamp (a FH 276 StK 70) I can clearly see the number. But on the normal 276 StK I can't find it.

    So can you show us what you see, or tell me what you want to see so i can make a better picture of it.

    Ganz oben und klar! Vielen Dank für Ihre klare Erklärung.

    Ein genaues Datum ist für mich ebenfalls nicht erforderlich. Aber es ist schön, einen Hinweis zu haben.

    Super danke!

    Gr Robin

    Hi Steven,

    you don't have to translate it for me! I can read Deutsch, but i can't write it that good/fast. So if you want to tell me in German I would be happy!

    The numbers shown on this side attachment are indicating that it will fit /be suitable for all these Feuerhand lanterns: 175, 225, 275, 375 (of course it fits on your 276 as well)

    N.B. if you are able to understand german in writing,in this thread the dating discussion on Sturmkappe types shows several indicators.

    Feuerhand Sturmkappen

    With some concentration I can read German, but not as great as English. I will check that link. Thx for your info!

    This version of the side holder is a pre-war model that was obviously mounted later on this post-war lantern.

    Presumably the lantern replaced an older model which no longer functioned.

    If the numbers on the mount the model numbers are, we can certainly say it isn't original on this lamp.

    So your statement could be right there.

    This is an original, optionally available side bracket for mounting on handcarts, horse-drawn vehicles or other trailers without electric lighting.

    The mounting kit included other parts, but they are usually mounted on the trailer.

    You may find two small numbers on the side of the storm cap for the exact dating of the lantern.

    Where should I look for those numbers on the sturmkappe?