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    Hello Netzwerk

    Thank you.I ordered a new rapid preheater...this part is probably with this hopefully.

    I hope to get time soon to figure out the problem and not destroy another new mantle and blacken the top of the lamp...

    Thanks so much.

    Happy New Year,


    Thank you bp4willi.

    I am trying to disassemble the lamp,then see if I can find what is wrong.

    Where does that part go?

    Hopefully I will get it working soon.

    Is there a video on YouTube in English on how to clean and disassemble the lamp or just Bommels description?

    Thank you


    Thank you RxR.

    I will get a spanner and what other tools do I need for my lamp please?

    I only disassembled the lamp down to the fuel tank but didn't remove the control knob,pump or rapid preheater or fuel tank knob.

    I think the washer must be worn with the sound and hiss and leak and bubbles from the rapid preheater and pressure loss after pumping and also the flame going out and the top of the lamp going on fire.

    Are these washers in the repair kit?

    Thank you very much,


    Thank you RxR.

    I was trying my lamp today and removed and cleaned the lamp down to the fuel tank but couldn't remove the rapid preheater.

    I reassembled the lamp and tried it and later removed some fuel from the tank and retried it.

    Their is a leak and air coming from the rapid preheater and the pressure is falling.I will reread your thread and hopefully be able to fix it.

    Thank you


    Hello Steven

    Thank you.I will try again.

    I ordered a new rapid preheater from Petromax and a repair kit.

    There seems to be a leak from the fuel tank ..well some liquid leaking from the rapid preheater leaver.

    I also need some help when starting with a new mantle and lighting with didn't go very well.

    Happy Christmas,

    Kind regards,


    Hello from Ireland,

    I am struggling with my newly acquired second hand Petromax HK 500 lamp(1year old approximately)

    The flame in the rapid preheater goes out.

    Also the pressure goes down quite quickly.

    I keep pumping to keep the pressure at 1.5 then the flame goes out before 90 seconds are up.

    I hope you can help,

    Kind regards,