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    Thank you Willi :) This is helpful info.

    I have a business trip soon. When I come back I'll fire up one of the new lanterns and I will post a pic of the small collection here. I have only 4 lanterns with me.

    Thank you, Andy. I'm glad to hear of your experience. I will try it. I have only Alkan now. In the past I bought large size drums of kerosene and I was living in a farm setting and had more opportunity to use the lantern and because of the low price of the fuel was not concerned. Now I'm buying quite expensive small quantities. I didn't want to waste it.

    Thank you but I don't understand. The burner is not sealed, the wick fits loosely in it. How can it be that the fuel won't evaporate as if it was stored in an open container?


    It has been many years since I was able to use any lanterns regularly. And now I do not remember how if it is a problem to use one only occasionally. Is there a problem with fuel evaporating?

    Hi bp4willi

    You are right, Chalwyn is still available. I bought one recently. The supply of Meva is drying up at least here in Czech Republic it has become difficult to find them new or in acceptable condition. Also unfortunately many recent products are made under this name. You will find some Coleman-type gas lanterns and electric lanterns and other miscellaneous items. It's now difficult to search.

    I should post in the next few weeks a photo of a small number of lanterns I bought recently. Thank you for information regarding the French lantern. I didn't know this brand. Is it still made in France?

    Update: I see from this page that the Guillouard Luciole lamp is now made since December 2018 in Slovakia. So it might be a nice lamp for use but perhaps the originals would be more for the collection.

    I have a small selection of lanterns. I will post a picture in the future.

    Recently I got a Feurhand and one thing that could be improved is the lever that lifts the glass globe scratches the finish off the lantern. Mine is bright yellow and after lifting up the globe a few times the yellow is gone and it's down to the galvanized metal. Otherwise it's a very nice lantern. And I have some Chinese Dietz so it's good to find a European lantern and not only light from the east.

    Hi, I know this is an old thread but just for the record there is at least one Amish mail order shop called Lehmans. For many years it was mail order only. You sent them a letter and they sent you a catalog. You sent the order form and a check and you receive your items.

    But in the past years they created a website and they ship worldwide. So you may find many interesting items in that shop.

    I have been a customer for many years in a few different countries. I do not work for the shop and have no financial connection.