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    Your Hipolito looks pretty nice :)
    Almost all parts excluding original fount, hood and frame can be exchanged
    with new ones from Petromax. With a nipple and a needle from HK500 you
    can run 500cp mantles and to get more light. The only difference between
    350 and 500 is the nipple with needle, the other stuff is the same - burner
    (#117), mixing pipe (#33), mixing chamber (#34), nozzle (#3) and carburettor
    (#115). Instead of ordinary clay nozzle, made for sure in china, my suggestion
    is to try to find a Heinze (Geniol) ceramic nozzle, it is made in Germany and
    its quality is far better compared to the chinese one. Like Petromax, Geniol
    production was moved to Hipolito in Portugal in 90s. Probably for you should
    be easier to find such a nozzle there.

    Hi guys,
    The problem has been solved more or less.
    I made a chamfer (fase) at the internal edge of mixing pipe's
    intake end with a senker (don't know the english name of this
    tool, in bulgarian is also senker). Then succeeded to move it
    about 2mm up. Lit the lamp up and let it for 3 hours. Burning
    now is stable, flickering is minimal. Will install the brass lace
    anyway when I receive it.
    Thank you for your support.

    Led lanterns are for those, who like pink french cars :D

    Thank you for your post, Willi :)
    Litze is a copper core of multi wire cable as I remember.
    The english name is "stranded wire" and means an electrical
    conductor, consisting of many thin individual wires that are
    easy to bend. Think that the coaxial cable's braided shield
    will do the job better:

    My mixing pipe is already moved to the top end and I have
    only 14mm to the nipple. It is not possible to move it further
    (to the top). Maybe vapouriser is too long (upper or lower part).
    The old one is with the same length. The top burner (# 117) is
    also new from Petromax. Frame (# 121) and the tank with pump
    were exchanged too. All of parts are with the same dimensions.
    I'm attaching a pic of the top burner with nipple an mixing pipe.
    It is quite strange why the vapouriser is protruding up nearly to
    the half of top burner's mixing chamber. With the original parts
    was the same. Bought this lantern brand new from Germany, then
    spent the same money for spares and never got this lamp burning
    without problems.
    The nozzle is the steel one, not original ceramic and it is OK.

    The conducting rod with cleaning needle is not short, the needle
    which is cut to about 3-4mm goes up when the valve is closed.
    It means the chamber of top burner is not on its proper place or
    ... I don't have any idea what the **ck is wrong with this lamp...

    Just to prevent opening of a new thread...
    I have the same problem with my Petromax 829. Got it brand new 3 years ago
    and had only problems with it. Have also Coleman 282, everything with it is fine,
    no any issues at all, but it is only 125W. Chinese production of Petromax is terrible,
    very low quality and poorly made at all. Bought an upper vapouriser and a stainless
    steel mixing pipe (without butterfly) with nozzle from Bri-t-e-l-yt, they have much
    better quality compared to those available from Petromax, but still have a lot of
    issues with it. Pulsing light and noise, not enough brightness, even with old stock
    original radioactive Petromax HK500 mantles. The air gap is about 14mm, i.e. it
    should be OK. For the leiderfrost effect that probably causes pulsing already bought
    the recommended brass gauze from Petromax, just waiting for delivering and will
    report here the results. There is no leakage at all (underwater test under pressure),
    the pressure is always >2 bar and the petroleum is not less than 3/4 tank. I tried
    various sources for fuel, even petroleum for airplane jet engines. Always the same
    sh*t happened. I'm very disappointed at all.
    Found an old used chinese Anchor 350, did just a little maintenance and lit it up and
    it started to work without any issues with a brighter light, compared to my HK500.
    Any suggestions?