Valor junior 56r

  • Hallo Leute

    Ich hab nachgeforscht in England ueber den Ofen.
    Das ist was ich als Antwort bekam.

    Bin aber zu faul um zu uebersetzen.
    Nun wisst ihr naeheres dazu

    viele Gruesze

    hier die Antwort:
    Hello, thanks for the mail, there was never a 'Manual' for these heaters. They were produced in a time when everyone understood how to use such appliances daily.
    We can advise you if you have any particular problems.
    The #56 had a long production run from the mid 1920's until 1963, I have noticed stoves with a date stamped on the cone under the chimney up to around 1950. After that the date is replaced by just a number or nothing at all. Open your heater and look on the black disc under the chimney which surround the wick when the chimney is closed. The date is usually situated at the top of the disc.
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    Es ist besser, ein einziges kleines Licht anzuzünden, als die Dunkelheit zu verfluchen.