Frowo 240 badge

  • Hi from the Netherlands !

    Please contact our forum- member Hans Werner Jehn !

    He knows A LOT of Frowo and has a very informative website about Models, history of the factory etc , etc.

    Contact possible trough his website that you will find HERE :

    Language is in german but Google-translate…helpfull ! 😊

    Good luck and best regards from NL,

    Tjerk 🤓

    Starklichtliebhaber tun es am liebsten im Dunkeln.. 👍

  • Hello Ken,

    Some German collectors have such a FROWO 240 with exactly this label. (Me too)

    So far, all specimens have appeared in the USA and Canada.

    So it is very likely that it is a dealer from Canada.

    Who it is is still unknown.

    So it is very helpful for all collectors if you can find out who used this sign. As the trade mark shows something like a rope, I would personally look in the maritime sector (ship chandlers).



  • Hello Poe,

    I asked Drew Goff of the Ontario Lantern website about the badge and his response was as follows;

    "Hi Ken,

    Thanks for reaching out! I talked to a German friend of mine and he said that tags like these were for 'jobber' lanterns. Essentially a lantern made by Frowo for another company and had their name put on it. Unfortunately, I don't know what company would have ordered this lantern. Since it's in English, I'd suspect it was either for an international company or made for import here.

    Hope this helps a bit,


    In other words, we may never know. However, maybe one of us will stumble upon it one day.

    Best Regards,