Ehrich and Graetz Brass Oil Lamps

  • I do not read or speak German, but I have a pair of Ehrich and Graetz brass oil lamps that I wish to sell, but need information on them. Filler caps read WUNDERLAMPE and adjustment knob for wick reads SHULTZ MARKE. When and where were they made? any thought about their value? Have used them a few times at dinner parties and they are in very workable condition.

  • Hello, the members of this forum usually don't like to give help for selling lamps. And valuations are not done here at all. This being said, I think that this is a very nice pair of lamps. As you have already found out, this type of lamp is called "Wunderlampe". These lamps were made by several manufacturers, one among them Erich & Graetz.


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  • There stuck wrong cylinders on the lamps. "Matador" cylinders belong there.

    Construction Period: Sometime between 1900 and 1940.

    "Schutzmarke" means:"Registered trademark".

    No statements about the value of such or similar items are given here in the forum.

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  • Thank you so much and I hope I haven't offended Forum members by inquiring about value. Being new and not understanding much of what's on the Forum because of not knowing the German language I didn't know the protocol. So backing up, if I could get information on when the lamps may have been made and where they were manufactured that would be most helpful. From what I have been able to find, it appears they were made between 1866 and 1900 and probably in Berlin. There was a posting on the Forum on May 25, 2009 which included a picture of a lamp that looked almost identical.

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