Please help us chronicle BAT 158.

  • Hello.

    I have a question that I would like to ask you knowledgeable people to tell me.

    I just happened to get a BAT158 and was wondering about the numbers on the burner.

    This burner has

    [G (or maybe 6) 2 1006 ~]

    Is this an indication of the date of manufacture?

    Please give me your insight.

    Please help!

  • The "wavy line" used to be a sign that the lighting was approved for road traffic.

    A few years after the war, petroleum lanterns were also permitted in traffic, especially for safety purposes and for road users without electricity (horse-drawn vehicles).

    In West Germany, testing and marking was carried out on the lantern chassi.

    In East Germany, marking was only carried out directly on the burner.

    This does not mean that the lantern was specifically intended for traffic use, it only means that it would have been legally permissible to use it for this purpose.

    The number is simply the approval- or test number. It says nothing directly about the year of manufacture.

    This beautifully preserved BAT158, which apparently also had an advertising hang at one time and probably came from export, was produced in the mid-1960s.


  • Thank you for the very detailed explanation!

    Is it a Karlsruhe wavy line like Feuerhand?

  • Something like that, but not the same. Since it is an East German lantern, the test procedure was of course not carried out in Karlsruhe (West Germany), but as far as I know in Dresden (East germany).

    But yes, in principle it has the same functional meaning.

    Wavy line is/was a german ( east like west) logo for "National regulations for vehicle parts subject to type approval"