Trevor's Bialaddin Bowlfire

  • Hi,

    I bought this Bialaddin bowlfire from the collection of a fellow UK collector, who died this summer.

    The Bialaddin works pretty well after some fettling.

    The old pump leather was rotten and stuck in pieces in the pump tube.

    Replacement was a rubber seal, which worked well too, but after 2 times use broke in two. So i finally replaced with leather pump cup.

    Pump nrv valve was leaking, needed new pip too.

    New seal for the air release screw added also.

    Cleaned up the fount and reflector with all kinds of polishing.

    The valve knob broke in two pieces at first use. Glued together again.

    Now works perfect with mix of 20% gasoline and 80% kero. Nice blue flames and orange glow mesh.

    Works for hours. Occasional tip clean and pump.

    First impression.. works more reliable and continuous than the Tilley R1.

    The Tilley needs very frequent tip clean....

    Don't know why. The brass vapourizer at the Tilley?

    Great to have the Bialaddin, which is even more cute, as its smaller.

    The Bialaddin will heat my home or terrace place as first choice.


    Demut tät' uns allen gut.

  • :done::done::done:

    Good fettling, and burning well!

    The Bialaddin Bowl Fire is my Favorit to :love:.

    They do a good job.

    ... But were is the cage from yours?



    Sünden und böse Geister scheuen das Licht.
    (Friedrich Schiller)

  • Hi primaxel

    the cages of both, my Bialaddin and Tilley R1 are both very rusty and not nicely matching with chrome plated reflector. So i put them off.

    I don't have opportunity for cleaning them in large electrolytic bathtub.

    And worried they might fall apart when rust removed.


    If you have good idea, let us know.


    Demut tät' uns allen gut.