Evaporation from tank?

  • Hi,

    It has been many years since I was able to use any lanterns regularly. And now I do not remember how if it is a problem to use one only occasionally. Is there a problem with fuel evaporating?

  • Thank you but I don't understand. The burner is not sealed, the wick fits loosely in it. How can it be that the fuel won't evaporate as if it was stored in an open container?

  • What kind of lamp, burner etc. is it?

    Photos would also help!

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  • I really do not understand the sense/background of your question in detail.

    My experience with occasionally used wick lanterns (I've got approx 10 pcs. in this "mode") which are stored att approx. 20°C with kerosene in the tank that there is a very little loss in volume by evaporating.

    However, There are many factors influencing this, e.g. storage temperature, the type of kerosene used etc.

    As a conclusion: yes, there are losses by evaporating, but very little, I would say neglicible.

    Just try it, after 6 months or a year you will confirm my statement or post your personal experience her.



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  • Thank you, Andy. I'm glad to hear of your experience. I will try it. I have only Alkan now. In the past I bought large size drums of kerosene and I was living in a farm setting and had more opportunity to use the lantern and because of the low price of the fuel was not concerned. Now I'm buying quite expensive small quantities. I didn't want to waste it.

  • Don't care about the loss....its not worth to spend any more words on that.

    Compare to your car: how much fuel evaporates from the tank by the fuel tank ventilation? Not zero but.....



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  • hi Nomad,

    yes there is some evaporation from tank.

    in storm lanterns it's very little, as the wick is small.

    in round wick lamps with wick sizes of 60-90mm , as well as Aladdin lamps you can notice the evaporation after a year or so.



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  • Thank you Willi :) This is helpful info.

    I have a business trip soon. When I come back I'll fire up one of the new lanterns and I will post a pic of the small collection here. I have only 4 lanterns with me.