Petromax Bottle Opener

  • :how cool:

    Nice one : Hail:, where to buy?

    Well that is a good question and I wish I knew and if you ever find out please let me know!

    Actually, I just happen to come across that picture of a Petromax bottle opener on another forum (nothing to do with lanterns) when the thread subject was about posting your "bottle openers" and someone posted that one.

    I was surprised to say the least when I came across it.

    For me, it definitely would be nice to have one since I'm into lanterns and I sure there are others here that probably feel the same.

    I just thought that just maybe someone here would have one of those.

    So again if by chance anyone has one and is willing to part with it please, please send me a PM !

    Thanks in advance!

  • Perhaps we should ask Jonas If they wouldn't be willing to produce a small batch of these as fan-shop article ?


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  • Well I went back and found that particular post and found out that it was posted on that thread back in 2014 and the individual who posted it is from Croatia.

    So if there is one out there, then there has to be more, more than just one of those particular Petromax bottle openers out there in Europe somewhere.

    Its just a matter of finding them.

    Again, if anyone knows where one can be located at send me a PM.


  • I think, it's a "Monopol Hermetus" from Westmark. Maybe, you can get there more informations about it.…-retro-look-6183rt60.html

    Thanks for posting the website for Westmark.

    I wouldn't mind buying one of those bottle opener/sealer if they would only ship to the U.S.?

    Looking at their online catalog website, it does not give a price or to click where to add to a basket? It just gives you locations to their stores.

  • offers them in the U.S. Just enter bottle opener westmark,

    and there they are at your choice.



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  • offers them in the U.S. Just enter bottle opener westmark,

    and there they are at your choice.

    Yes, I found that out and already purchased one and should be on it's way to me!

    Thanks for the tip.

    Here are pictures of the one that I bought.