Barthel 0181

  • Hello, I am Ton, and I am from Holland.

    Can I leave some questions about a Barthel 0181 here, I mean in English?

    My german is not that good.



  • Ok Julian, thanks.

    I have been working on stoves for a few years now and just bought my first blowtorch, a Barthel 0181.

    It did not work like it should so I took it apart.

    As I suspected it had a bad wick. No big problem, but I wonder, there is a small screw on top of it, M6, spanner No 10 what purpose has that small screw?

    It is situated right above the pipe the wick goes in.



  • Hi Ton,

    her is a link to a post where i restored a Barthel Nr. 207 blow torch.
    There are many pictures and maybe google translator can help you.

    First it ist important that the blow torch is tight so it's better to replace all seals.

    It's also important to use the right fuel. It gives different blow torch most runs with Benzin, Spiritus or Petroleum.

    Greats from germany


  • Hi Julian, I do not see a link.

    And about the fuel, I use what we call in Holland wasbenzine, it is almost as good as Coleman fuel.

    And what about the small M6 screw on top?


  • Ok, thanks, I will manage.

    Is it so by the way with those Barthel burners, the lower the number the older they are?

    And is there a number which is the most popular?


  • Hello Frank, I have cleaned my 181, not only the outside but also the burnerhead, and jet and needle.

    I also replaced the wick, but mine won't burn that powerfull as yours, long from that. It doen not become red.

    Could there be another reason than the wick? Is there some way to test a wick?



  • Hi Ton,

    all drillings inside the burner must be clean. The nozzle must be in good condition.

    If you use the correct wick, dont compress it to much.

    Preheating enough with spiritus and wasbenzine for the blowtorch.

    Most of the time the blowtorch is leaking or loosing pressure.

    Best Way = under water pressure test with emty reservat.

    Most of the time the problems are the graphitpackage, the savety pin or the savety valve inside the fillercap.

    Check this... without a pump it will be a big problem.

    Regards Frank

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