Old Luxor Mantle proves thatself!

  • Hi to all on this forum , I was walking through a little forest with two of my children and a friend in the night , our way lit by my ex German -Army Petromax which i was carrying on a pole , the lantern then swung against a tree and fell to the ground ....landed upside down , hard enough to bucle and bend the hood.... The (papiertuete) Luxor mantle did not break !!!! Also the Schott glass did not break and the Lamtern , which were burning panel-wipe a kind of white gas/reinbenzine continued to burn well....This is the first time i remember a mantle survive this kind of shock .... i am very much impressed by the quality of this kind of LUXOR mantle.....

    Here are some pictures.....35530273_10155667356778806_8829967154393645056_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=1c38246cff71e328a0515ab6bd5661c0&oe=5BEBB76535544810_10155667357088806_7093907297079918592_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=e4de4b3695be7304b7c3d8eb3b14280c&oe=5BA09F88

  • :applaudit:


    There was a lot of luck in the game for the mantle

    I also think, that LUXOR is not bad for the money.

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  • Hey , Willi.... the lantern fell from about head or chest height ater knocking into that tree.... as you say that is impressive sturdyness ....., Poe i doubt if i shall attempt to recreate those conditions again .... even for statistics, i shall though attempt to see how many more hours i can get out of that mantle.... RxR