White (car) diesel

  • Hi all,

    I have started using diesel in my 500 Petromax, I have thus found that it runs way too hot and the fuel tank (font) becomes too hot to even touch, which is of course due to diesel having more energy than kerosine/paraffin. My thoughts were to replace the 500 nipple and needle with 350, which I have done, yes, it has solved the overheating problem and of course there is is a reduction in light output, now we all know that to increase light output the only way to regulate light output on a petromax is to vary the pressure in the tank, I always run my lamps at just around 1.5 bar, my question is, is it safe (for the tank integrity) to increase the pressure from say 1.5 Bar to 2.5 Bar. I am sure that as I have reduced pressure (due to the 350 nipple) going into the mantle that increasing the tank pressure would not blow holes in the mantles, however as I only wish to tickle the light output up a small amount my thoughts are that an increase by one Bar would give me a white light instead of the yellow light at present but still keep the tank from overheating and hopefully not damage the font. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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  • You can operate the PX up to the max pressure of approx 4bar at the gauge.

    but it has been tested by several users, that Diesel will speed up significantly the carbon built up in the vaporizer until blocking it.

    so much faster cycle of cleaning the coil will be necessary.