Baffle heat plate.

  • Hi All..
    Being a newbie I post my first question to all the " petromaxologists " I am the proud owner of an ex Bundewehr
    HK 500 lamp.which I have serviced to the best of my ability and is working just fine giving great heat and light
    beyond my wildest expectations ... now I have a radiator heat baffle plate which fits snugly below the mantle ...
    mmm!..... it kind of blocks a bit the heat from the " soft start " cup... I prefer to use methylated spirit to start rather
    than the built in " flame rapid tube " ... I would like to remove this heat plate and would like to know if it
    is safe to do so ,, and if it has to stay what is its purpose ? I only use my lamp for light only... I am burning paraffin
    oil or regular kerosene .. all the best to all :thumbup:

  • Hi,
    if I understand you correctly you talking about the heat shield plate.
    The intention of this shiel is to prevent desoldering of the central fixing stud on top of the tank which helds all of the parts above in place.
    Desoldering may happen when the mantle has a hole in the bottom and heat increases focussed along the direction of this hole.
    The heat is due to very hot gas stream down to the tank and may heat it up to solder meling temperature in worst case.
    It is well known, that a hole in the side of the mantle may result in partial melting the glass screen
    This is the story behind that heat shield. Many of the petromax / Geniol lanterns run w/o this. At the end of the day, to use the shield or not is a matter of conviction i.e. it's up to you .




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  • I have an 829B (military) original equiped with the heat shield, an also a civil 829 where i added the heat shield. I only start the lamp with the preheating cup and there are no issues, even with unmodified heat shield.

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  • Yes, i can confirm, the heat shield has no negative effect on the start via alcohol in pre heat cup.

    Here a recommendation for a larger pilot flame for ignition. Put some glassfiber into the small vertical tube of the preheat cup. It should reach from bottom to 5mm above the tube.
    With that modifications, mostly one pre heat cup of alcohol is sufficient for light up.

    Regards willi

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  • Thanks Guys for your advice to me you are all very knowledgeable ...and so helpfull ... I used my Pmax for the first time today in the UK
    we have crown green bowling here... so the lamp was hung up in the bowls hut from the roof apex... bowlers could come inside for a warm out of the cold wind ... all were amazed and impressed with the heat/ light it emitted. We won our cup match hey by 1 point..