Dim light output

  • Hi all,
    I have two of these lamps one a 1960’S and one a fairly new one the sixties lamp is brilliant never fails to work and is as bright as any of the others I have seen, the newer lamp has always run more yellower and of late for some reason just goes out, after a short while. With both pressure and fuel still in the tank. As the mantle is not very bright it is possible to look at it and there seems to be cool spots within it that swirl inside.
    I have checked the check valve in the bottom of the tank, ok
    I have changed the upper vaporiser, new, replaced recently (hoping to solve this problem)
    I have emersed the tank and the vaporiser in a bucket of water to check for leaks, none
    I have checked the gap between needle nipple and u tube ok
    I use the new style pump device and put the same pressure in both lamps I have even wondered if there was a variance in the pump valve so replaced it.
    I use the same fuel in both
    I have adjusted the butterfly valve to give maximum light output no variation
    I have checked for debris within the vaporiser from top to bottom, clear throughout
    I always blow through the u tube on changing a mantle so there shouldn’t be any debis within it
    It seems as though it is short of pressure as it runs so quietly it sounds like a Tilley lamp compared to the other. I tried increasing pressure and the mantle fell off due to too much pressure without much increase in light output before it fell off.
    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

  • Hi Cabin,
    When you take off hood and inner casing, have pressure on tank, and open the valve,
    is there straight strong jet of fuel ejected from the nipple?
    If not,
    check again the vapourizer valve. Either seal blocks it. Or the filter mesh is clogged.
    Or the raising tube in tank has a crack or hole above fuel level (= air in vapourizer).

    If fuel jet is ok, what gap is there between nipple and mixing tube? 14mm is normal, but you can try up to 18mm.
    More air = less fat gas-mix = hotter flame = brighter mantle.

    regards willi

  • Just to make it clear and adress the problem more precise:
    which lamp type are we talking about? You just wrote "..I have two of these lamps "

    E.g., is ist a Petromax/Geniol, HASAG, MEWA, Coleman, Phoebus ...etc.?
    Any information on the HK / CP type?

    What kind of fuel? Gasoline, Kerosene, Alcohol....
    Sometimes , the cleaning rod (needle) for the nozzle -if there is one - is not adjusted correct,
    Willi's hint to look for the fuel jet is helpful to identifiy this kind problem.
    Some more:
    -Correct nozzle? Nozzle ok?
    -Ceramic burner (if there is one) mounted tight? Holes in the burner are all in good shape?....
    -to be continued....


  • :tongue: Many thanks all of you, problem now solved it was the gap between nipple and mixing tube, I had set it to the prescribed 14mm increased to 18mm now my Petromax is working beautifully thanks again. I did wonder if I was going to have to get my soldering gear out and repair a possible leak on the check valve tube, was not looking forward to that, but i didn’t have to, great, thanks again.
    P.S Kero is my fuel, (that’s paraffin if your in the U.K)