Tilley X246B NRV (Check Valve) tool

  • Anyone here know what the exact tool is used to remove the NRV (Check Valve) on a Tilley X246B Stormlight lantern?

    What is the part number (if there is one) for the tool?

    Where can I buy the tool and or from who?

    What is the exact part number the NRV (Check Valve) from the Tilley X246B?

    Where can I buy a NRV replacement?

    Thank you everyone in advance for your time and assistance.

  • Never mind everyone my mistake.

    Please disregard my original post.

    After reading extensively about the Tilley X246B Stormlight lantern and looking at the X246B diagram, I realize that it does not rely on an NRV (Check Valve) concept.

    My apologies for my error.