Hipólito 350

  • Hello Petromax fans.
    I am from Portugal.
    We had Hipólito factory here in Portugal that made all Petromax models with slight diferences. I´ve heard they where quality items. Unfortunately the factory closed decades ago.
    I recently bought 4 old an non working hipólitos. Two 350 ones ( one has an old style rapid preheater, with a knob just like the valve knob) one 250 and a 100 one.
    Today I took it apart following Bommel´s instructions, and replaced al itens it needed. I burned the mantle and tried to light it, but the mantle was always burning and turned black. For what I´ve read I have to change the distance of the mixing tube. Iv´ve cheated it with the petromax tool. Now I am going to decrease it one or two millimetres and give a go.

  • If the mantel turns black check if there's any part in the mixing tube or chamber, if the nozzle is tightened correctly and if it is the nozzle that fit into the lantern. After that increase the distance between nozzle and mixing tube
    For 100cp it should be 7-9 mm, 250cp 11-13mm and 350/500cp 14-16mm. Have the first try with 7mm, 11mm and 14.7 mm usually they run on these parameters.
    A good preheation is reqired.

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  • I think I din´t preheat it long enough, the next time I am going to preheat it twice.
    I will try to change to a new nozzle since the old onde is all blackened.

    I will let you know how that worked ;)

  • Hello.
    This weekend I gave it another try to lit my 350. My Clay Burner is in excellent condition it says 300/500 Germany. The new onde says nothing. Never the less I tried to install the new one, and it broke. It must me made in China :/ I had to reinstall the old one.
    Basically my 350 works well from 14 to 15,50mm without the hood on. The moment I install the hood the light becomes more yellowish, flames start to come to of the mantle and it stars to bet black spots on the mantle that increase the more the hood is on.

    I couldn't have another go all the way to 16mm because this takes so long, and the lantern is in my other house, that I go on the weekends.

  • That sounds like there's gasified Petrol blowing out between nozzle and carburator. Check if the nozzle is tightened correctly and if there's no scratch or cut in the surface where the nozzle an the carburator fits together.
    If that is not the point of failour check if there's a gap between the carburator and the inner hood. It should fit without any gaps or something else.

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  • Thanks a lot for the help :D
    My Hipolito has run two tanks of fuel :)
    The distance between nozzle and mixing tube now its 15,92mm. But the hardest part its to get to the correct pressure. It really needs a lot of pumping! I don't have the pressure gauge so I don't know what is the pressure its running on.

    Oh and I was lucky to buy a nearly new Hipólito 150 last week :D It has some accessories and the factory box also :D

    Wen I find out how to post pictures here I will show it to you ;)

  • You can upload your pictures into the gallery. The size have to be 3000*3000 pixel and maximum of 3 MB per picture.

    After doing that you can link them by copying the url. While posting you have to klick on the small picture in the tool bar and then there's a pop up which ask for the url of the picture.

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  • Your Hipolito looks pretty nice :)
    Almost all parts excluding original fount, hood and frame can be exchanged
    with new ones from Petromax. With a nipple and a needle from HK500 you
    can run 500cp mantles and to get more light. The only difference between
    350 and 500 is the nipple with needle, the other stuff is the same - burner
    (#117), mixing pipe (#33), mixing chamber (#34), nozzle (#3) and carburettor
    (#115). Instead of ordinary clay nozzle, made for sure in china, my suggestion
    is to try to find a Heinze (Geniol) ceramic nozzle, it is made in Germany and
    its quality is far better compared to the chinese one. Like Petromax, Geniol
    production was moved to Hipolito in Portugal in 90s. Probably for you should
    be easier to find such a nozzle there.