Petromax hk 500 don't stop

  • Hello,

    My petromax hk 500 don’t stops burning when i put my excenter in the close stand.
    Before lichting everything was working.
    It s a restauration of an Old lamp that was in the outside for years and it was the first start after years.

    What is the principe of closing ?

    Somebody can give me any advise ?


  • Hi,

    to stop the HK 500 usually the pressure shall b released by opening the manometer valve screw.
    Be careful when using gasoline, gas vapour can be ignited on the hot lamp.
    With kerosene it is no problem.
    The excenter wheel is initially for cleaning the nozzle only, not to shut down the lamp.
    Anyhow, there is a valve a the bottom of the vaporizer which is operated by the excenter.
    This valve is located in the tank.
    See sketch on the shop site:

    Either the adjustment of the excenter is not good enough (you said it was workin well before) or the rubber piece of the valve is worn out.
    Another possibility may be that some particle have set between the rubber and the valve (if tank is or fuel not clean).

  • Happy new year to you.

    Complete part is #153 on sketch. See article list on this page below for detail numbers:
    The valve only , mounted at the bottom of #153 consists of article # 196.
    The sealing part which contains the rubber nipple is article # 193.
    This rubber nipple iside can be easily replaced also by a self made rubber piece (Materiala e.g. NBR or Viton 3 or 4mm thick) stamped with a hole plier.
    When you dismantle the Vaporizer out of the tank, please ensure to use a new lead sealing ring when re-assembling the part into the tank; they are designed for one-time use .