Lamp servicing in Dorset

  • Hi Tom,
    not Sure if You Can find a commercial Service Support Point for Petromax in UK.
    That You mich ask to The Pelam Company, which hosts This Forum.

    But if You Look for other experienced lamp collectors in that area,
    try check the map 'Karte' in this forum.
    Those users might help with fettling your lamp.

  • :prost:
    Sorry about the smileys.
    I know your post is quite old now and you have probably found someone to service your lamp, however have you tried speaking to they are in West Sussex, really lovely people will chat for hours if your not careful but hey it is nice to find a company that actually cares. I’m in Kent. I don’t actually service Petromax lamps professionally but I am on hand if you decide to do it yourself for any advice. I do have 7 of these lamps that I service for close family and friends. I have done a couple of YouTube videos one on changing a mantle and one stripping down the carburettor. I’m not sure if the moderator at would block me if I was to include my email address or links so for the moment I will leave this open.