Coleman 639 kerosene/paraffin lantern

  • Hi forum, last week a won a Coleman639 kerosene lantern on ebay., it was made in1973 so it is exactly 40 years old.

    I have been after one of these style lanterns, with the convex/ barrelled globe for a long time and I was very lucky no one bidded on it.
    It has been used and for it's age in good condition, all that I have really done with this lantern is to repaint the tank and apply a new decal, as there was few very light rust spots breaking through the paint. so I decided to repaint the tank to protect the steel tank from rusting.

    The Coleman 639, is a beautiful well made lantern and is now my favourite, I forgot to mention it is a 500cp lamp so it puts out a great amount of light.

    Here are a few pictures of various stages of restoration, I will have to upload the pics in two chapters

  • Hi again forum, here is the second chapter of the coleman639 restoration.

    After I stripped all the old paint of the tank, I keyed the surface with some medium grade wet and dry paper, I then gave it three light coats of red oxide primmer, then three light coats of Ford pine green, which I was not happy with the colour match so I gave it two coats of plasti- kote lawn green, and I then put the new Coleman decal on, and then re assembled the lantern here are the next chapter of pictures showing the process.

  • Hallo Apollo11 many kind thanks for your compliments, I have purchased some 1111 mantels made in the phillipines by Gasman mantle MFG CORP they are really good, I think the petromax 500cp mantles should also work well

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • Hi, Brian!

    In my opinion the GASMAN mantles are the finest and brightest shining 500 CP mantles you can get. And they have a very good durability.
    I don´t know which mantle could be comparable. ?(

    Best regards, Gerald

    Die wahren Lebenskünstler sind bereits glücklich, wenn sie nicht unglücklich sind. (Jean Anouilh)

  • Hi Brian,

    a very nice find You ´ve made, in deed!

    Congrats also for the pretty good job You did on restauration. The result is worth all the energy You put in I guess!!!!!


    Have fun with the lantern every time You will light it!


    Hier wird das Licht von Hand gemacht...
    ... und der Motor gehört nach hinten!

  • Hi Christian, wie sie sind many thanks for such a kind compliement .

    Hi Gerald I agree with you they are really nice quality, I notice they are woven very tightly compared to all the mantles I have used, I wonder if that has any thing to do with the light out put and durability.
    I forgot here is a close up of one of the GASMAN mantles fitted to the lantern.

  • Hi Brian,

    very nice lantern and good job! :wiegeil: I like these 639. I have one also and it works very nice...!

    Best regards Carsten

  • Hi Carsten yes the 639 really works very good, very good build quality.

    And they are nice to operate, with little to go wrong with

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn: