Kaiser the Rottweiler! (mantle eater )

  • Dog want meat for eating,
    do you hadn´t enough ?

    please don´t give him kerosene
    if he would drink that, he will light up :-)

    Poor dog, best regards from my cat :-)

    Eugen j.keusen

    es grüßt freundlichst Euer Mod

    Eugen J.Keusen

    KEUSEN@KEUSEN.DE Das Leben ist zu kurz um sich zu ärgern, genieße jeden Tag.

  • Hallo

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Yes...this is true....I like to eat dog meat!!... :happa:

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Quote StefanH

    originally Mauretania (but I felt stupid shouting that across the fields)

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I agree, this name is too posh for a dog.....people might think you lost a child :rofl:

    Well, maybe...
    As I got her, she once bumped into two lanterns because she didn´t know how slippery parquet floor is, it rattled like hell and I started cursing, since that day lanterns are not to be bumped around. She sniffs when there´s a new one, but always keeps a little distance. Maybe fuel just smells awful.
    Her name is Tania, originally Mauretania (but I felt stupid shouting that across the fields), she´s from Hungaria and some wierd mix of some hungarian sheepdog like the pumi, a schnauzer and possibly some bigger terrier.
    She never "steals" anything, maybe because she´s from a animal shelter and never learned it. I had to show her how to walk stairs, because she never walked some before.
    @ Christian: nice mix, too.


    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o