BLADON B61 Petrol Blowtorch

  • Hi Everyone,

    I found this Bladon B61 Petrol Blowtorch in November 2012 at an antiques fair. Before I saw it I had thought that all blowtorches ran on paraffin. :sleeping: In searching for information on these I came across the BLADON B59 by brian1967 in this site.

    Then I fired mine up - didn't do any maintenance, but checked it for leaks as it pressured up. It works well as you can see from the photos. :thumbup:

    Mine does not appear to have a date on it. Brian, if you read this, can you tell me please, where on your B59 the date is shown.

  • Hi Zembu welcome to the forum and a very nice and good operating blowtorch/lamp,other than Primus there were few manufacturers of stoves and blowtorches, that actualy date stamped there blowtorches but Bladon i beleive did,on the underside of the tank, either on the acces nut to the wick or on the bottom of the tank,was 1934 so it is most likely the date.

    Bladon made very good quality blowtorches and was a popular brand,which were made in Birmingham England.

    In England Blowtorches were fueld by paraffin and petrol, but the paraffin fueled torches were more common.

    Even though your torch has not had a lot of use i am surprised there were no leaks,usualy the filler cap washer becomes hard and prevents the torch from pressuriseing,or the gland packing has dried up and you usualy get a flame comming from the gland nut and spindle.

    If so a few turns with a spanner will cure it if not it can be replaced with some graphite tape

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • Hi Zembu,

    you will find even more information on blow torches in the "Lötlampen" section of this forum.
    Don't worry about german language. Google translator might help.

    PS. your torch looks very much like my Vulcano 423 or a Vulcano 432. see here

    best regards

    Demut tät' uns allen gut.

  • Hi Brian and Willi,

    Thanks for your welcome messages! :-) Willi, I had a good look around the site and did see your Vulcano - it seems especially hot!

    Brian, thanks your advice - I have now looked at the access nut on the bottom, and on mine there is no date, no marks at all, neither on the top or the flats of the nut; and nothing on the bottom.

    I have just three days ago got another one - this time a Primus 820, in worse condition, but only £2.00. I will clean it up and show it here later.

    Best wishes