Bialaddin 300X restoration

  • Hello forum here are a few pics of my latest addition and restoration,it is a Bialaddin 300X made around the late 1940's 50's in Halifax england.
    I have completely stripped it down and repainted the tank and bottom part of the cage, in a maroon spray paint as this was the original colour.
    i have all so changed all the seals, on filler cap pump valve and control cock
    And all the brass work has been polished up.
    The vapouriser was blocked up, and i have had to borrow one from my Bialaddin bowl fire,and i need a new mantle both these parts are on order,so when the mantle arrives i will show pics of it lit.
    I have been after a maroon Bialaddin 300X, for a while now as my favourite looking Bialaddin lantern,and i am looking forward to fireing this lantern up and seeing how well she works.
    Here below are some before and after pics of the restoration

  • Hi,

    look´s like new! 8o Very good job! :done: But it seems it doesn´t work...?! :whistling:

    Best regards Carsten

  • Hi Carsten thank you very much for your kind words,i have no mantle fitted on it yet i have ordered one once it arrives i will fire it up.
    The vapouriser/generator ist borrowed from a lamp ich have one of those on order as well

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • Hi Brian.
    Super nice work! :applaudit:
    I love the maroon colour. The combination with polished brass makes it even more attactive! :done:
    As Carsten said: Looks like new!
    Congrats! :respekt:

    Gut goahn ut Westfoalen.
    Erwin, de' ColeMan :rauch:
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  • Hi Erwin many thanks for your kind compliement,i realy like the maroon colour it is the original colour, and origionaly the pump knob and filler cap and presure realease knob, was all so painted maroon as well.

    I was surprised to find the filler cap was made of alluminium and every thing else was made of brass.

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • Wow,

    what a beauty! :naughty: Looking damn good, nice pic´s! :done: Seems she did her job very good...! :thumbsup:

    Best regards Carsten

  • Thank you Carsten i am very peased with how it performs,it is a very good well made solid lantern

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • Hi Eugen danke it is a realy nice lantern,i think these older ones are so much better made,and have more charector to them.

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn:

  • in the past, not even all things had been better

    but i think the lamps had been better than today

    but today are only collectors buy them,
    in the erlier years, the lamps was realy used
    and than you could see bad quality in very short

    Best regards

    Eugen j.keusen

    and so sorry about my english

    es grüßt freundlichst Euer Mod

    Eugen J.Keusen

    KEUSEN@KEUSEN.DE Das Leben ist zu kurz um sich zu ärgern, genieße jeden Tag.

  • Brian

    Ex work on that...I really like those and dont have one :whistling: :rofl: ..Great color on the fount and all the brass bits nice and neat!...

    I always use a tilley mantle on this type, Vapalux ect and fit the tilley way...allows the mantle to burn up bigger and more light.. :naughty:

    OCD.. Obsessive Coleman Disorder 8o

  • Hi Fox thank you very much, red is one of my favourite colours i was after one of these 300/300X bialaddins in maroon for a while.
    I only have a few lanterns in my collection, and today i polisshed all the paint work on them with Auto glyme,car polish this will help protect the finnish of the paint work on my lanterns and keep them looking good

    All the verry best from essex uk :gaehn: