A carbide Feuerhand lantern? History anybody?

  • Hello [here could be Your prename] and welcome in the lantern forum.

    Indeed, there are some Feuerhand Carbide lanterns, (not long ago I've seen one on Ebay) but those look different then Yours.

    They look similar to the actual model (FH275) but with a taller tank and different nozzle. Yours look verry different on the tank and on the chimney, also the frame looks more like the older model 201.

    I'm not the specialist about those lamps, but I've never seen a lantern like Yours. That must be a verry special (rare) model! And it seems to be in a well preserved condition. Congrats!

    I hope, someone of the specialists here knows some further details about Your lantern, it's verry interresting!

    Liebe Grüsse und immer einen gut getränkten Docht!


  • Thanks Silvio, still searching the internet but nothing like this comes up; the frame is definatly more 201, the carbide tank and the water tank are all in good condition. I am just amazed that I cannot find more info on this stunning lantern.

  • Hi.

    Here Feuerhand Karbidlampe are some informations about Feuerhand Carbide Lanterns.

    On the last post You can read that the carbide models of the 301 and 303 where made around 1910 to 1920. But they have different tanks for carbide and water then Your lamp. So I guess Yours is a bit older then those lamps in the thread linked above.

    Liebe Grüsse und immer einen gut getränkten Docht!


  • Your lantern is patented in 1919. You can have a look on the following page:


    Then You put in the first field (Veröffentlichungsnummer) this number: DE000000327288A and klick on the field down left: (Recherche starten). Than You can see a new page with next informations.

    You can see two pdf.signs. A mouseklick on left one shows You the original document. When You klick on the field (Volldokument laden) You see a security-code. You have to repeat the code in the clean field (also use the Shift-Button!) and You can see the original patent from 1919 with pictures from the lantern.

    If You klick on the right pdf.sign, You can read the recherable version of the document, which You can copy to a translator-programm and read in english.

  • Big thanks for all the info and help. Better get back to that junk shop and see if they have any more!!