Compatability with Anchor

  • Hello everybody.

    I have an Anchor 500CP that never worked properly from the beginning.

    It was great for the time it burned properly, but the rubber from the tank valve kept coming unseated.

    I solved that by putting a nick in the edge of its housing, but the top had overheated and the air screw fused, and then the mantle sooted up and broke so I turned it off, but the globe broke on cooldown.

    Now I think I can sort it out and improve it by using some petromax parts.

    I read here already that the thread on the mixing tube is different, but if I use Petromax mixing chamber and nozzle then that is not an issue.

    I would be extremely grateful if anyone can confirm the compatability of the following parts with my Anchor 500 CP:

    Mixing tube.


    Mantle support.

    Pump piston (O-ring).

    EZ pump fitting.


    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Hi

    Yep they will all fit...I have an anchor also that drove me insane :aua: ....I put so many parts into it I prob would have been better off to buy a Petromax :rofl: