In The Off Chance That Someone Is Interested!!

  • Hi Folks

    I've been scratching my head over the the whole issue with Vapalux V Tilley mantles in terms of compatibility etc..The Vapalux mantle in my opinion is far to small when burnt and towards the end of the mantle it appears to narrow in a lot (even past the burner screen!!)..that to me is a big no no..Was never to happy with the performance from the Vapalux mantles so I changed to Petromax 500cp double whole improvement, certainly, but still not right!..So nothing for it but to fit a tilley mantle and I fitted it as you would a tilley mantle and not the Vapalux way...The result is like chalk and cheese..SUPER BRIGHT with no dull spots :applaudit:

    Brian I know you going to come back on this one :besserwisser: :whistling: ..interested to know what you think??

  • Hi Fox you are right i have come back on this one originaly i admit i thought a vapoulux/bialaddin mantle and tilley mantles were compatable and a Tilley mantle could be used on a bialaddin/vapourlux,but several months back i ordered a couple of mantles for the bialaddin and the tilley and i was told by the man at base camp that they were not compatable and would not work as good in another lantern so i bought two tilley mantles and two bialaddin mantles, in future fox i will just by the Tilley mantles and use them on my Bialaddin, which is handy as i have three Tilleys one old PL53 waiting for me to restore

  • Brain

    Sorry,No No...I was not directing this thread directly for/at you. I was only interested in what you thought because of your experience with these lamps as mine is very limited...To put it in short I just though that the Vapalux mantle should be fitted the same as a tilley mantle so the mantle takes that mushroom shape as apposed to the other..I found when fitted like this the light output was far better... :thumbup:

  • Hi Guys,

    I am using an old 1960ies Petromax two hole mantle on my Tilley guardsman, it works brilliant, very bright and for about fife years now (still the same old mantle) It is a bit bigger than original Tilley-mantles, but works quite well.

    Just an Idea, as they are still to have on the internet. German Name is: "Petromax 2 Loch Socken"

    Best regards, Björn