Amish Modified Petromax

  • I spend a lot of time in the Pennsylvania Dutch area browsing the lantern shops. The Amish don't use electricity and still run pressure appliances . They have produced this modified P Max because they felt the original was too frail for everyday farm duty.They created a custom stainless steel frame and collar to house the Coleman large bulge globe. I also purchased this hipolito 150cp from them new in the box.

  • Very interesting.

    I think we have to go there,
    to buy a lot of funny things
    which works with petroleum

    Nice to see there on the photo

    Have a nice weekend

    Eugen J. Keusen

    P.S. Do they have a catalog and is it possible to buy there in any way ?

    I thnk, that they have NO internet shop

    es grüßt freundlichst Euer Mod

    Eugen J.Keusen

    KEUSEN@KEUSEN.DE Das Leben ist zu kurz um sich zu ärgern, genieße jeden Tag.

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  • The shop I go to has these in stock. They build other lanterns from their own designs. The store itself is lit by LP gas burners hanging from the ceiling. No electric liights at all.I should mention The picture and lantern are from Terry Marsh's web site and the lantern shown is a prototype the later models can be seen at his web site. Dan

  • Hi Dan,
    I would like to know the name of the lamp and I want to buy one of them! So have you one for sale or can you buy me one of them?
    Greetings Rolf

  • Rolf I travel ninty miles each way to visit that area and I go at least once a month. I will get more info for you on my next trip up . Dan

  • Hi Dan,
    Thanks that you will do that for me :hail:
    Greetings Rolf

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  • Cool, the first lantern is the right for Andreas.
    He collect Petromax and Coleman.
    But a "Cole-Maxe" miss in his collection.

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  • Wow,
    magic things! 8)
    Really nice to show.

    Gruß Erwin :user:

    "Die Tranfunzel; nicht sehr helle, aber dennoch eine Leuchte" ;)

  • To usdan50:

    I sent you a pm about this but.

    The wife and I are planning a trip to PA in the spring.
    Just wondering if these lantern shops are right in Lancaster - or if they're in some small towns on the outskirts.

    I'd love to do some browsing around these shops.
    Thanks !


  • Long lost post but....

    I got on "the list" for one of these lanterns finally.

    Expected production date of my lantern should be August or Sept. of this year (2009).
    Cost is 357$ plus shipping.

    This picture is from someone elses site - but this is the lantern.



  • I got before 3 years the adress from Lancaster Lanterns.

    Before 2 years I got 2 of these rare lanterns


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  • Hi, I know this is an old thread but just for the record there is at least one Amish mail order shop called Lehmans. For many years it was mail order only. You sent them a letter and they sent you a catalog. You sent the order form and a check and you receive your items.

    But in the past years they created a website and they ship worldwide. So you may find many interesting items in that shop.

    I have been a customer for many years in a few different countries. I do not work for the shop and have no financial connection.