HK500 and Radiator -> Top burn?

  • Hi,

    I have two Petromax HK500 (829 with rapid burner) lamps. I have tried to install to these the Radiator part "PR-5-P" with the protection plate "126-chrom".

    But the problem is, that when I ignition the lamps with these radiators I allways get a verý strong upper burning in the hood!

    Could you please inform me where is the problem? My Petromax lamps burns very nicely if I not use these heating radiators!

  • Hello Kentsu,

    if your lamp is burning (with flames) in the hood-area, it could depend on a loosen jet. This can appear, especially within the use of the heater, because of stronger expansion forces.

    If there are yellow flames, coming from the ceramic-nozzle, using less pressure could be useful too, like only 1,5 BAR or only 1 BAR.

    If your mixingtube is glowing red while being in use, then you have to change something in the settings of your lamp, otherwise some little flames can be normal while using the heater - but they should not exit trough the hood.

    Another tric is to place some wound steelgause inside the heater, this spreads the entering flame more and results in more heatingpower. :done:

    Good Luck, Björn

  • Hello Björn

    I dont think that the burning in the hood-area is due to loosen jet. I have secured these.

    The problem is that when I use the Radiator around the mantle, then I get a very strong burning in the hood and after a while, the mixing tube will be glowing very red!

    Kenneth, Finland

  • Hello Kentsu,

    okay, so what you described, this should not be!

    You are using the heater and the mantle? (normally, the heater is used without mantle. But for light, you can place a broken mantle inside the heater.)
    Did you remove the glas before using the heater?
    It sounds to me like a heat buildup.

    Hmm we will get that to run... :done:

    Best regards, Björn

  • Hello Björn,

    Yes, I have used the heater with glass and a new unbroken mantle inside the radiator. From the "Tips and Information" section I understood that this shuold be possible (

    But, this allways result in strong burning in the hood and the mixing tube glowing red. I also had to renew the mixing tube because the little air-screw fitted to the tube melted!

    Best Regards, Kenneth

  • Hi Björn,

    Now the heater is functioning!

    I removed the glass and side reflector but used still a mantle inside the radiator and now I got only a very tiny burning in the hood. Then I lifted the mixing tube a little over the "500CP" position mark using the supplied gauge. Now the burning in the hood wanished competelly and the heater is functioning very well!

    When the valve is closed the needle is coming out of the generator nozzle about 1,5-2,0mm. Do you think that I should still lower the needle by adjusting the length of the generator rod? Perhaps I then could use even the glass with the radiator?

    Best regards and thank you for your help,

    Ps. I forgot to tell, that I am using a stainless steel nozzle. I have read elsewhere in this forum that this also can make some problems!

  • Hi Kenneth,

    the stainless nozzle is a problem for itself, it indeen leads and keeps more heat up to the hood, and it expands more than its brass-chamber while being preheated. This can cause a widening of the brass-chamber and the nozzle with mantle can fall off.
    This oftenly happens, as stainless steel and brass are two materials, who does not work well together. (Pelam will propably stop selling them, soon.)

    From my opinion, it is better to use the ceramic nozzle, they work quite well since the date of first construction (1911) :done:

    To your needle, I would lower the needle down to 0.5mm or even less to be sure the needle is not halfway in your jet while being in downward position.

    I never heard about using the heater with the glas in combination of a 500HK-lamp, only in combination with a Petromax 1500 heat-cook-light-combination.

    It makes not that much sense using the heater with glass, as most heat is going up through the hood instead of being radiant heat around the lamp.

    I would use the heater without glass but with the side-reflector.
    On cool evenings in the garden or on the veranda, heating-machines do have a very high womanizing factor :naughty:

    Good luck, Björn

  • Thank you Björn very much for your advices!

    I think I will not any more use the glass with the heater. I used it only because the engine looks better with the glass!

    Tomorrow I shall adjust the needle to 0,5mm or below.

    Concerning the stainless nozzle, I bought it only because Pelam states on this site that it will increase the lantern light with about 10 - 20%. Perhaps it would be better to return to the ceramic nozzle?

    Best Regards,

  • No problem, you`re welcome. :done:

    Pelam took over this stainless nozzle and pseudo-datas from the US-concern "Brytelit" who also sells petromax-lamps and developed this crap, also the so called "multifuel-stove"

    It is physically not possilbe to increase the light-output up to 10% or more by only changing a material - pelam should have approved this... :explode:
    It is misleading customers.

    The ceramic nozzle works fine, i never had to change one and i do possess about 20 lamps, being produced between 1925 and 2004.

    They only do not like becoming wet and being preheated then....

    Best regards and always good light, Björn

  • Hi Björn,

    I compared the Petromax light luminosity with the original ceramic nozzle and the new stainless nozzle using an old DDR Weimar-Lux meter (belichtungsmesser) and a Gossen Sixtomat meter. I also adjusted the air-screw in the mixing tube in both cases for best luminance.

    According to these meters the light output from the two different nozzles where exactly the same, as you already told!

    So, I reverted to the ceramic nozzle. This, because I have understood that it will cause minor troubles.

    Best Regards,
    Kenneth M.

  • Hello Kenneth,

    thank you for approving my theory. :done:
    I will refer to your post if other people would ask for the stainless-nozzle and a higher light-output.

    Always good light (and heating), Björn